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Natures own Dream Catcher

      When I was in high school, all of those many decades ago, we were taught that each cell in the human body would eventually die off and over a period of seven years every cell in your body would replace itself with a new cell. I assume that is still true even though many things have been changed since that prehistoric time of the early to mid 1970’s.

     Recently I have read in quite a few new studies concerning multiple sclerosis that researchers are starting to believe that after the first major attack or exacerbation the body actually repairs most of the damage to the myelin sheath causing a period of near normal function without any further symptoms. In my case, I experienced a period of almost six years before my next attack, which was far worse then the first attack. And reading this just makes me wonder if perhaps doctors and researchers might not be looking at this from the right perspective?

     What if the immune system is doing exactly what it’s supposed to be doing by cleaning out these myelin cells as they die off but it’s our body’s ability to replace these cells with new ones that is the problem? This would far better explain, in my opinion at least, why almost no two individuals with multiple sclerosis experience the disease in the same way with the same symptoms.

     If this were true it could also explain why some people have a benign form of this disease because there body might retain a larger portion of its ability to regenerate then say people who have a more progressive form of the disease where they may have lost the ability to regenerate new cells at all with in the central nervous system.

     And of course it’s very possible that my little theory here is completely wrong but it does bring me to believing that, “I really don’t care what causes MS”. I would really much rather see science and researchers spend their research dollars on ways to repair the myelin sheathing because I can live with having this disease. I just don’t want to have to live with the symptoms of having this disease!

Does that make sense?



     Mountain woodsA recent MS study suggested that people who grew up with cats during most of their lives appeared to have a less aggressive form of multiple sclerosis then those people who didn’t grow up with cats. However, on the flip side of that, back in the eighties there were researchers who also thought that one possible contributing factor in developing MS may have been a bacteria/virus found in cat feces that people were getting from cleaning their cats liter boxes. In the years, and from several studies done since, that connection has never been proven as being true even though that bacteria is very real and anyone with MS, or otherwise, should take precautions when cleaning cat liter boxes as it would more than likely make your MS symptoms even worse were you to contract that nasty bug as well as being difficult to get rid of.

     And surprisingly enough dogs have their very own disease that is very similar to multiple sclerosis called, Degenerative Myelopathy or DM, as it is often referred to as. And just like MS this disease is considered to be an auto-immune disorder with many of the same symptoms in dogs, as their human MS sufferers experience, but no link has ever been found that even remotely connects these two diseases. And finally, dogs are also prone to a degenerative disc disorder that can mimic some of the symptoms of MS but this can usually be treated with surgery in the more extreme cases.

     Degenerative Myelopathy, again like multiple sclerosis, has no cure and progressively gets worse just like MS. The only treatment for DM that seems to help hold this disorder at bay is taking your dog for long walks and even somewhat extreme workouts with their toys as physical activity appears to slow the progression of DM significantly in many cases. And what is a bit strange about that, is that Neurologists are starting to believe the exact same thing about people suffering from MS, that a sedentary lifestyle may be the worst thing for multiple sclerosis sufferers over the long turn.  

     Do cats and dogs offer any real health benefits to people with MS? It turns out that; “yes!” they offer a whole host of beneficial health enhancing benefits. If you have a dog I am pretty sure that many of you are aware of the need to walk your dog several times a day for potty trips and so dogs can use their social skills by smelling trees, sign posts, street lights and anything else that lies in their usual walking path which also helps lower high blood pressure in the person doing the walking. I recently had a friends dog and got several workouts everyday which I’m sure my Neurologist would have loved to know if I had told him as he is constantly telling me that I am physically able to do more than I currently do. And that dog also liked to play rough, so I was the one who had to adjust to the extra workout, not him.

     And yes cats provide their own unique health benefits for their human companions.It has been shown in lab studies that just having a cat around can reduce the stress related chemicals that humans experience throughout any given day. And it’s also been proven that when a cat purrs it actually reduces the blood pressure in any human that is in ear shot of their kitty. And that drop can be as much as twenty points according to some studies and that’s very significant for someone like me who has high blood pressure. And yes, one of my best friend’s, is my eighteen year old cat, Lucky!

Cat on Chair


     In conclusion, if you have MS or any disease that causes you to feel lost and alone I can not stress enough how much having a pet can help you through the hard times. If you can and don’t already have a pet, and if you don’t suffer from allergies, please consider going to your local shelter and see if you can’t hook yourself up with a forever four legged companion. I honestly think that it could be the best treatment you ever got for all of your ills!


I’m requesting stories from any and all of you who have ever had a pet die and than return in any way to let you know that they survived death and came back to ease your fears about their crossing. I think I’m going to write a book about pets surviving death as I have had like at least three of my pets return after death to comfort me after their transition.

What I would like for you to do is to first write the experience you had out in long hand and put it down for a day, or a little while, and then type it out and send it to me at the email address below. If and when I write the book I will certainly let everyone know especially if their story made it into the book. This is kind of a nonscientific study that I am undertaking so I would love to hear from you all if you’ve got a story to tell. The reason for having you write it out twice is that usually after you write something once and wait a little bit your mind starts to recall the experience and you often remember more than you did in your first draft. And I want the stories to be as in-depth as they possibly can be.

Please send your stories to:

Thank you in advance. And please ask around family and friends to see if they have stories to contribute. Please put, Pets surviving Death, in the subject box!


Foothills of Mount Baker

Mount Baker Foothills

     Many Americans are aware of the fact that because of the ADA, Americans with Disability Act, they are not required to answer any questions about whether or not they suffer from any disability. In fact about the only thing a prospective employer can ask goes something like this; Are you capable of performing all of the tasks that are required in the job description with reasonable accommodations? That’s it; you don’t have to answer anything else about being disabled or not unless you choose to.

     The reason I bring this up is because of a comment a gentleman made on one of my articles that I posted. He said that recently his drivers license came up for renewal so off he went to get it renewed. And everything was breezing right along until he mentioned that he also had multiple sclerosis and then everything changed.

     Normally the only thing that you need to do is fill out some paperwork, take the vision test, pay, and you’re done. However, in his case they not only made him do that they also made him take the entire driving part of the test as well. I’m not sure what state he lives in or whether or not this was even legal, but I thought I would write about it and make others aware of this.

     And the moral of this story is, if they don’t ask, don’t tell!  



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     Lake at Mount Baker Washington

     Is your body a mercury filled time bomb just waiting to explode? Recently senior health officials at the Department of Health and Human Services denied a Food and Drug Administration proposal to phase out the use of all mercury compounds used as fillings for tooth decay which is one of our planets most dangerous and toxic heavy metals.

     This FDA proposal was kept secret from the public since it was approved back in 2011 by top FDA officials. This proposal stressed all of the dangers that mercury fillings present to pregnant women, nursing moms, children under six, people with mercury allergies, kidney disease or anyone who suffers from a neurological disorder which would include just about every single autoimmune disease known to man.

     The Department of Health and Human Services rejected this proposal after a cost benefit analysis showed that it was cheaper then other alternative compounds for filling teeth regardless of the dangers of mercury or benefits a patient might expect from other materials used for filling teeth.

     In 2009 54% of all surveyed Dentists still said that they were using mercury fillings because it was more affordable. And they are still used by many Dentists today who serve both Medicaid and Medicare patients as well as many other price sensitive groups including those that treat children, the military, and on Indian reservations.

     Mercury is often described as insidious. After it builds up in the lungs it moves into the bloodstream where it accumulates in the kidneys, liver and brain tissue where it damages the central nervous system. And multiple sclerosis, in particular, is a disease of the central nervous system.

     Mercury is linked to all of the following health problems, memory loss, nerve damage, autoimmune diseases, vision problems, kidney failure, depression, autism, and foggy thinking. And recent research is also showing a strong possible link to Alzheimer’s disease. And all of that can occur at very low doses that accumulate over time. And it can also be lethal!


Much of the information used in this article came from Greg Gordon from the McClatchy Washington Bureau