Literary Agent Synopsis

Bill Walker
7950 Chisholm Trail
Maple Falls, WA 98266
     Imagine what it would be like to be a young killer whale traveling up the North American Coastline. Along the way you are forced to deal with a powerful storm that makes traveling less than ideal. And you also have to somehow reconcile the fact that your own mother is battling a disease that threatens to steal her life far sooner than she deserves.
     And then as the journey continues you start to realize that your Grandmother Great Hunter, the leading matriarch of the pod, can not only see into the deepest depths of the ocean in which you all live but she can also see into the depths of an ocean that holds all oceans. An unknown place to almost all other killer whales with perhaps one exception, you!
     You’re invited to travel alongside Visus as he follows the silent calling of nature into adulthood and a reality that he must come to terms with if he is to survive in this truly remarkable tale of a pod of killer whales!
     If you are a Literary Agent or Book Publisher and would like a free copy of “Visus” please send email request along with information about who you represent to the email address in the header at the top of this page? You will receive my book in digital document format.  I guarantee that my book is unique which is what most publishers seem to say they want! 
Thank you!
Bill Walker


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