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      When I was in high school, all of those many decades ago, we were taught that each cell in the human body would eventually die off and over a period of seven years every cell in your body would replace itself with a new cell. I assume that is still true even though many things have been changed since that prehistoric time of the early to mid 1970’s.

     Recently I have read in quite a few new studies concerning multiple sclerosis that researchers are starting to believe that after the first major attack or exacerbation the body actually repairs most of the damage to the myelin sheath causing a period of near normal function without any further symptoms. In my case, I experienced a period of almost six years before my next attack, which was far worse then the first attack. And reading this just makes me wonder if perhaps doctors and researchers might not be looking at this from the right perspective?

     What if the immune system is doing exactly what it’s supposed to be doing by cleaning out these myelin cells as they die off but it’s our body’s ability to replace these cells with new ones that is the problem? This would far better explain, in my opinion at least, why almost no two individuals with multiple sclerosis experience the disease in the same way with the same symptoms.

     If this were true it could also explain why some people have a benign form of this disease because there body might retain a larger portion of its ability to regenerate then say people who have a more progressive form of the disease where they may have lost the ability to regenerate new cells at all with in the central nervous system.

     And of course it’s very possible that my little theory here is completely wrong but it does bring me to believing that, “I really don’t care what causes MS”. I would really much rather see science and researchers spend their research dollars on ways to repair the myelin sheathing because I can live with having this disease. I just don’t want to have to live with the symptoms of having this disease!

Does that make sense?