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      When I was in high school, all of those many decades ago, we were taught that each cell in the human body would eventually die off and over a period of seven years every cell in your body would replace itself with a new cell. I assume that is still true even though many things have been changed since that prehistoric time of the early to mid 1970’s.

     Recently I have read in quite a few new studies concerning multiple sclerosis that researchers are starting to believe that after the first major attack or exacerbation the body actually repairs most of the damage to the myelin sheath causing a period of near normal function without any further symptoms. In my case, I experienced a period of almost six years before my next attack, which was far worse then the first attack. And reading this just makes me wonder if perhaps doctors and researchers might not be looking at this from the right perspective?

     What if the immune system is doing exactly what it’s supposed to be doing by cleaning out these myelin cells as they die off but it’s our body’s ability to replace these cells with new ones that is the problem? This would far better explain, in my opinion at least, why almost no two individuals with multiple sclerosis experience the disease in the same way with the same symptoms.

     If this were true it could also explain why some people have a benign form of this disease because there body might retain a larger portion of its ability to regenerate then say people who have a more progressive form of the disease where they may have lost the ability to regenerate new cells at all with in the central nervous system.

     And of course it’s very possible that my little theory here is completely wrong but it does bring me to believing that, “I really don’t care what causes MS”. I would really much rather see science and researchers spend their research dollars on ways to repair the myelin sheathing because I can live with having this disease. I just don’t want to have to live with the symptoms of having this disease!

Does that make sense?


  1. terrysthoughtsandthreads

    You are on the right track. My immune system kept me very healthy for my first twenty-six years of public school teaching. And then I was diagnosed with MS, and began taking the prescribed injections … and my mental and physical health went down the tubes, and I had to retire, which is when I had to take back my life. I stopped the injections as I began surgical treatments for malignant melanoma which had suddenly bloomed in two places on my body (and yes, I am a believer that my suddenly-compromised immune system had been rendered defenseless in the face of cancer.)

  2. Nancy

    It is interesting that you bring this up. I’ve thought about it his very concept for some time now. My MS is treated by my Primary Care Physician who specializes in Alternative Care. He believes that keeping your body healthy also helps the body renew itself. I take some hormone replacement therapy, always and only natural replacements. Also Inosine to bring my uric acid levels to an acceptable level. As well as several other natural treatments.
    To prove my point there was a two year period when my MS continued to get progressively worse. I was using a wheelchair to get around, as my balance and weakness in my legs made it dangerous for me to walk. My Primary Care felt there was something else going on besides my MS. After extensive research and his own gut feeling he felt as if low grade infections may be the cause. He started me on low doses of antibiotics (changed every 3 months) to help my immune system fight infections and within 6 months I no longer needed the wheelchair. I now swim 1 1/2 miles daily, I use a mobility service dog to assist my balance and no longer am prohibited from going any where I please. My service dog has flown 8 times from my home here in Florida to see my children in New York. She is also trained in water rescue so I feel safe swimming alone. I don’t believe I have ever felt better or happier. Thanks to my doctor that was willing to go out on a limb and think outside of the box.
    I pray each of you will also find the path that brings you to a place of peace, happiness and wellness.

  3. Barb

    I gather from your comments you do not recommend treatment? I am newly diagnosed though was feeling just fine. After 3 Dr’s told me to start injections, I did a week ago and now feel terrible. I am diagnosed based on 3 or 4 episodes of very very slight one sided hearing loss and 2 MRIs 7 years apart that showed some progression and one lesion with active inflammation. I feel like with such minimal progression/symptoms over 7 years I should just try to manage it with diet and exercise but everyone says I’ll be sorry. I just want to make the right choice.

    What is your experience, opinion?

    1. msandbeyond Post author

      Hi Barb, I can’t tell you what to do as I really don’t know what to say. I was on both Beta Seron which is a interferon and copaxon for a combined six plus years. I don’t in that time I got any worse but I don’t believe that I got any better either. I’m going to see if I can put a link right here about diet for you to go watch. A person on facebook sent this to me and it is very interesting to watch. It takes about 17 minutes so it’s not to long.
      Susan Kingsley-Smith Regarding Ms….have you seen the work by dr Gerry wahls? She was in a wheelchair and as a scientist found out the cause and cured her herself

  4. Alena

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      1. John Book

        Hi, Bill. I have always thought MS a conglomeration of disorders, all poorly defined, having many causes and few effective treatments. I wish I had a dollar for every kook diet I’ve been advised to follow. Or maybe I should have eaten the dirt in Mexico as the healer suggested? My guess is a dozen or more disorders result in scarring that is “called” MS. each will require and respond to different Txs. And yes. I think diet and exercise should be part of ANY Tx. MS is no big F deal. It’s just Life with a personally designed handicap to make it interesting. I just think of myself as fortunate to have this opportunity. I have learned so much about human nature.

      2. msandbeyond Post author

        Yes you did hit on one of the few positives about MS. You certainly do have to open up to so many different flavors of human nature. Maybe I’ll do a blog about that? We’ll see! Thanks for adding your knowledge and you views!

  5. Garfield

    Hi Bill,
    Here is the problem, MS is being treated like an autoimmune disease when it is a metabolic disease that gives rise to autoimmunity. This is why addressing the autoimmune aspects of the disease does absolutely nothing to modify disease progression. In fact, addressing autoimmunity by suppressing the immune system instead of actually trying to modulating the activated microglia cells using natural compounds such a Luteolin (a plant extract shown in preclinical studies turn microglias from destructors to protectors of neuronal cells) leads to serious side effects.

    There are over 50 of these compounds gleans from preclinical studies that are highly translatable to human therapies, unfortunately, these compounds are not patentable so Big Pharma aren’t interested.

    By continuing the facade of calling MS an autoimmune disease instead of what it is – a metabolic disease with numerous contributing pathological pathways such as (oxidative stress, protein & DNA mutation, aberrant inflammation, demyelation, impaired autophagy, insulin resistance, transition metal ions build-up, cholesterol build-up, liver ceramides build-up, etc.) Big Pharma and in turn the medical establishment focus on the aberrant inflammation suppressing by suppressing the immune system, is missing the forest for the trees.

    Further, the reason why MS present differently in different folks is because the contributing pathological pathways have different weights in different people.

    Our company launched a crowdfunding campaign (we develop dietary supplements) to complex and create a highly bioavailable versions of over 30 known natural compounds that addresses all the known pathological pathways to neurodegeneration on Indiegogo almost 10 days ago. We thought this project would have been funded in its first week, given how many MS sufferers are complaining about no effective treatments for this disease. It turns out, it is not only Big Pharma who are not interested in making a therapeutic NHP for neurodegeneration, MS sufferers themselves are also not interested. Hundreds have visited the page and none have contributed. Which is really too bad since this project was the best hope of taking translatable preclinical research that has been sitting on the shelf for decades into a readily available therapy for all to access.

    It may be a nothing few decades again before anything comes from the pharmaceutical industrial complex, in the meantime, the last best hope for something to protect our neurons from continued degeneration is being ignored by the very people who should not be ignoring this opportunity to help usher in a new day of treatment.

      1. Garfield

        Hi Bill, Please share its soon, our project represents the first time in history that individual MS sufferers can help bring forward an effective therapy to slow down disease progression by actually protecting the neuronal cells. Unfortunately, the crowdfunding campaign ends soon and it is unlikely our company will revisit it giving the lackluster support it received from the very community that should be championing it.

        In the meantime if you have scientific related questions feel free to shoot me an email.

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