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     Is your body a mercury filled time bomb just waiting to explode? Recently senior health officials at the Department of Health and Human Services denied a Food and Drug Administration proposal to phase out the use of all mercury compounds used as fillings for tooth decay which is one of our planets most dangerous and toxic heavy metals.

     This FDA proposal was kept secret from the public since it was approved back in 2011 by top FDA officials. This proposal stressed all of the dangers that mercury fillings present to pregnant women, nursing moms, children under six, people with mercury allergies, kidney disease or anyone who suffers from a neurological disorder which would include just about every single autoimmune disease known to man.

     The Department of Health and Human Services rejected this proposal after a cost benefit analysis showed that it was cheaper then other alternative compounds for filling teeth regardless of the dangers of mercury or benefits a patient might expect from other materials used for filling teeth.

     In 2009 54% of all surveyed Dentists still said that they were using mercury fillings because it was more affordable. And they are still used by many Dentists today who serve both Medicaid and Medicare patients as well as many other price sensitive groups including those that treat children, the military, and on Indian reservations.

     Mercury is often described as insidious. After it builds up in the lungs it moves into the bloodstream where it accumulates in the kidneys, liver and brain tissue where it damages the central nervous system. And multiple sclerosis, in particular, is a disease of the central nervous system.

     Mercury is linked to all of the following health problems, memory loss, nerve damage, autoimmune diseases, vision problems, kidney failure, depression, autism, and foggy thinking. And recent research is also showing a strong possible link to Alzheimer’s disease. And all of that can occur at very low doses that accumulate over time. And it can also be lethal!


Much of the information used in this article came from Greg Gordon from the McClatchy Washington Bureau


    1. msandbeyond Post author

      I have a friend who had all of her fillings removed and she did not believe that it reduced her symptoms. That was years ago though I have not heard from her in quite a while. I only have two small fillings left since childhood and they will eventually be replaced. I ave heard others say that it has made a difference in how they feel, usually they say that they don’t get nearly as fatigued as they used to.
      My other concern with mercury is that fish, which I eat but otherwise I am vegetarian, is becoming loaded with it due to ocean pollution! I may go completely vegetarian at some point!

    1. msandbeyond Post author

      That’s awesome Terri! I have a Dentist on one of my facebook connections who claims that this is just a hoax. I’m really glad this worked for yu and others who also responded to my article!

    1. msandbeyond Post author

      Well, I’ll look at it and see what I can do, but this seems to work pretty well for my subject matter. Thanks for the comment! At some point I may change the theme but have not found another one that I like as much!

    1. msandbeyond Post author

      Thank you! I’m assuming that you all work at the same place! And just so you all know, I was actually threatened, sort of, by a Dentist who disagreed with what I wrote here.


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