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The Burlington Washington Shootings

Mountains at sunsetYesterday five people were shot to death and one sent to the hospital with critical injuries in a senseless act of violence that is also occurring all around the world even as I write this. However this one is way to close to home for me. You see I used to work at the Burlington Mall just a few years ago and just down the corridor from Macy’s!

The questions that come to mind in a tragedy like this are hard to articulate and accept. What, if anything, can be done to stop the killing? With each act of violence people become more desensitized to these horrible acts of insanity and violence. And one only has to watch the nightly news to be barraged with a litany of human suffering that is mostly, and unbelievably, self inflicted.

I have Multiple Sclerosis, and believe it or not, it’s easier to blame God, even though I realize that it’s not Gods fault, for a disease that has taught me understanding and compassion. These are precious gifts even if learned through hardship and pain. But I find that I just have a really hard time finding any understanding in acts of violence that take another life in most cases.

Where do we go, and where do we turn from here? Or are we doomed to a fate filled existence of hate without end?

Prayers for both the living, and the dead. And may we all see the light of a truly blessed and harmonious world that we could create if we only took the time  to realize that Heaven on Earth is a possibility that is not beyond imagination to conceive. It just takes a little effort and a long heartfelt look at human ego and how to build a loving soul rather than a hate filled one!

Bill Walker

MS Cancer Diabetes Anything Else?


Ferry Ring or the Circle of Life


     Roughly fifteen years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and I was instantly thrust into a new way of life that, I might add, I had not asked for. And then about four years ago a lesion on my neck, just to the right and below my right ear, was diagnosed as being pre-melanoma and required a surgical procedure to remove it. I so far, have been fortunate enough not to have had any more of these kinds of lesions. However now I will always have to be, especially since I have very fair skin, very careful about any skin anomaly that I, or my doctor, may find. Yep, just one more thing that I have to worry about as I get older.

     You know, it seems to me that anyone who is diagnosed with something like Multiple Sclerosis or Cancer should never again have to face a life changing health issue of the same magnitude. And now I’m two for two as I travel into my twilight years of this lifetime. And now I am more then totally convinced that the Eleventh Commandment should have been, If thou suffers from one terrible disease then thou shall not have to ever face another one in this lifetime.

     And for me, unfortunately, it doesn’t end there either. My family is just loaded with diabetics and pre-diabetics as far as the family tree can be traced. And I was aware of that when I was first diagnosed with MS so I read what I could find out about this on the internet which of course is not always the most reliable of sources but when I was looking, all those years ago, I was lucky just to be able to figure out how to get onto the internet in the first place so questioning what I was reading wasn’t exactly a concern at the time.

     At any rate, I was quite relieved when I stumbled across an article, or opinion, you decide, about people who had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis rarely ever being diagnosed with Diabetes from that point on. Which, of course, isn’t true but there is a strange ending to my story here in the present day. While everyone else in my families blood sugar soars after they eat mine does not. And this has left a couple my doctors quite perplexed, so in my case, maybe the MS Diabetic thing is true after all? Well, I can only hope so, because there is also a fair amount of Cardiac Disease in my family as well. But that’s another story, and another worry, for another day. Right now, I’m just happy that all I have is just MS!

Bill Walker

MS and Miracle Cures

A docked ferry in Washington State

A docked ferry in Washington State

     Over the holidays I noticed, even watched a few, a number of programs that discussed miracle cures and what were claimed to be Angelic interventions.  My interest for this blog centers on those cases where the medical field states freely that either a cure or a spontaneous remission should not have been possible by any means known to man.

     This obviously leads one to believe that only an intervention from God could have been the reason for an otherwise impossible cure. 

     And that got me to wondering that if God did step in and cure what couldn’t be cured, and that would include multiple sclerosis, could he have also left that cure to be discovered with in the DNA of that particular patient. I just can’t help but to believe that if we took the blood sample of someone before this miraculous event and studied it along side a blood sample after the cure that we might be able to determine a difference between the two samples and perhaps be able to cure others with the same disease.

     I mean it almost makes sense that if God was going to step in and save one person, who otherwise would not have survived, he would also leave behind at least a hint as to how to save everyone else with that affliction, doesn’t it?

     I just have to think that its worth our time to take a closer look at what messages may have been left in the DNA of these individuals.  Do you think it’s possible? Obviously, I do!