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MS a Child with Cancer and a Kitten

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Bill Walker

The power of having a pet, in this case a kitten, can change people’s lives forever. The following true short story was published in Parade Magazine a few weeks ago. And though it is not about multiple sclerosis it is nothing but pure love, so I decided to share it here. It brings hope that any disease can be cured!




Robin and Mark Myers, of Suwanne, GA., are grateful for the rescue that came into their family’s life when their 12-year-old daughter, Kylie, was battling cancer.

     “Cancer stole a lot from Kylie, but she was determined it wouldn’t steal her joy,” says Robin. When the family got the news that Kylie was dying. She looked up with a weak smile and a twinkle in her eye, asking her dad, “Now can I finally have a kitten?” Sharing their story on what would have been Kylie’s 15th birthday, Robin recalls, “We would’ve said yes to anything.”

     A friend swung by the local shelter and rushed to Kylie’s bedside with a kitten. Kylie named her Liza and the kitten curled up in the crook of her arm. “Liza just stayed there and didn’t leave her side at all in the few days until we lost Kylie,” Robin recalls through tears. “The last thing Kylie said was, ‘I want you to help find a cure for childhood cancer, and please take care of my kitty.’

     “But it’s Liza, who takes care of me, “says Robin. “When I cry, Liza comes running. She has an uncanny understanding. She rescued our family and keeps Kylie’s spirit alive.” (Visit Parade Magazines website for a video. Sorry, many sites that I publish on will not permit links.)


     (The FDA just approved a way to enhance the body’s own immune system to attack, Lymphoma, a form of blood cancer, which has been effective in curing 85% of the patients that have received this new breakthrough treatment. It is hoped that this treatment can one day soon be developed for use in all types of cancers for both humans and pets as well. Making cancer a disease of the past!)


Please support your local shelter and adopt whenever you can. And always get your pets spay or neutered.

Bill Walker

MS and the Legalization of Marijuana


Green Stop 7466 Mount Baker Highway Maple Falls Washington


    100_0472 I am ecstatic that I live in one of the two states, Washington and Colorado, where voters were progressive enough to take on the responsibility of legalizing marijuana. It was a long time in coming and the right thing to do in my opinion. It is truly ridicules to flood our jails because of smoking a weed when alcohol kills thousands of people every year through traffic accidents while heightening the incidence of domestic violence nationwide, and remains legal in every state.

     And unlike alcohol, marijuana can boast a number of positive outcomes that go 100_0473well beyond just getting high. Lately many people have been watching with great interest at a number of new studies using THC and other compounds in marijuana in the treatments of a number of different diseases. It’s been long understood that marijuana has a positive effect for cancer patients who are being treated with Chemotherapy drugs and its ability to help them both eat and ultimately digest food that is otherwise difficult for these individuals during periods of treatment. And lately other studies have shown marijuana’s ability to slow and even stop some cancers ability to replicate and grow after being treated with many of the compounds found in pot. And these studies need to be continued without the fear of government intervention as has always been the case in the past when researchers wanted to do more complex research on how cannabis affects certain disorders like Parkinson’s and epileptic seizures, which, by the way, is showing extremely positive results in both of these disorders in newly released research studies.

    100_0476 In fact, I can personally think of two studies that I would like to see done with regards to Multiple Sclerosis if they aren’t being done already? My experience with marijuana and MS is that cannabis has a very positive effect on all forms of pain reduction with regards to MS and also greatly reduces the amount of daily nerve spasticity that is so commonly experienced by MS patients. And though I personally don’t relish the high that marijuana provides I also must admit that it does at least offer a couple hours of relief from a disease that otherwise is a constant annoyance every second of every minute of every hour of every day three hundred and sixty five days of the year.

     I have been asked on a few occasions why I never got a marijuana medical green card to purchase the drug as a medication for my own disease and the answer was always because I felt three or four hundred dollars was an absurd price to pay for something that I only used on a rare occasion. And now with pot being legal in the state of Washington I no longer have to worry about this additional cost to my wellbeing.

     So once again, thank you Washington State and Colorado State for being the forward thinking people that you are. And I certainly hope that this experiment in legalization both works and is replicated nationwide as time goes on. It is time for a gentler drug policy in the United States because the war that has been waged on drugs up to this point is just not working and new ideas are needed now so we can continue to move forward!


By Bill Walker



  1. I am currently on disability but would greatly appreciate finding either a writing or research position with regards to either Multiple Sclerosis or the environment where I could supplement my monthly income. If anyone is aware of either a permanent position or a freelance position where I could work from home I would love to hear from you. My contact email address is contained in my resume at the top of this blog page.

Thank you!

MS Cancer Diabetes Anything Else?


Ferry Ring or the Circle of Life


     Roughly fifteen years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and I was instantly thrust into a new way of life that, I might add, I had not asked for. And then about four years ago a lesion on my neck, just to the right and below my right ear, was diagnosed as being pre-melanoma and required a surgical procedure to remove it. I so far, have been fortunate enough not to have had any more of these kinds of lesions. However now I will always have to be, especially since I have very fair skin, very careful about any skin anomaly that I, or my doctor, may find. Yep, just one more thing that I have to worry about as I get older.

     You know, it seems to me that anyone who is diagnosed with something like Multiple Sclerosis or Cancer should never again have to face a life changing health issue of the same magnitude. And now I’m two for two as I travel into my twilight years of this lifetime. And now I am more then totally convinced that the Eleventh Commandment should have been, If thou suffers from one terrible disease then thou shall not have to ever face another one in this lifetime.

     And for me, unfortunately, it doesn’t end there either. My family is just loaded with diabetics and pre-diabetics as far as the family tree can be traced. And I was aware of that when I was first diagnosed with MS so I read what I could find out about this on the internet which of course is not always the most reliable of sources but when I was looking, all those years ago, I was lucky just to be able to figure out how to get onto the internet in the first place so questioning what I was reading wasn’t exactly a concern at the time.

     At any rate, I was quite relieved when I stumbled across an article, or opinion, you decide, about people who had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis rarely ever being diagnosed with Diabetes from that point on. Which, of course, isn’t true but there is a strange ending to my story here in the present day. While everyone else in my families blood sugar soars after they eat mine does not. And this has left a couple my doctors quite perplexed, so in my case, maybe the MS Diabetic thing is true after all? Well, I can only hope so, because there is also a fair amount of Cardiac Disease in my family as well. But that’s another story, and another worry, for another day. Right now, I’m just happy that all I have is just MS!

Bill Walker