Daily Archives: September 16, 2014

MS Changes in Weather and Heat Exposer


Yes! It really does snow in Western Washington.

     It’s been quite a few years since I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and over that period of time I cannot  even speculate how many times I have read that exposer to higher temperatures is linked to a worsening of MS symptoms. And of course I don’t really doubt this, everyone’s experiences are different, but I most be the oddball out because it does not seem to be the temperature that  bothers me but rather, the temperature combined with the humidity that does me in.

     I can go out on any hot day where the humidity is low and not seem bothered at all by the actual temperature. And what is even stranger is that I can take a hot shower, where it is humid, and not feel any worse when I’m finished though to be honest, I don’t take long showers, so that might be the difference here?

     On a slightly different note, I have also noticed that I sleep much better during the Winter months when the weather patterns are primarily influenced by low pressure systems instead of high pressure systems during the Summer months. And this also translates into less fatigue as well as a slight decrease in all of my MS symptoms during the Winter but I still don’t think this is correlated to temperature, or at least, not entirely.

     Does anyone else see a difference in their MS symptoms during different weather patterns? I’m really curious! 

by Bill Walker