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MS and Edible Pot or THC


100_0562     I’m not a big fan of edible marijuana only because you’re never quite sure how much you have consumed until it takes affect. Where as when you smoke it the effects are quick and very apparent almost immediately. I will admit that in either instance it does a great job in reducing my spasticity and pain in my legs and body. With that in mind here is a picture blog of the many edible forms of THC that are available, legally, in Washington State.

Topical $40.00

Topical $40.00


Brownies six for $40.00


Cookies $15.00

These prices vary from store to store and week to week. This industry is so new that changes in product and prices are always changing. Inhalers are also available. The vapor cartridge costs $50.00. The vapor pen and cartridge cost $65.00. When I checked last the price of the cheapest gram of pot you can smoke was a very reasonable $10.00 or $35.00 for an eighth of a gram. However that is not one of the more potent brands.


Zoots Lozenge Drops $35.00