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Imagine: A Drug Free MS


     My very first multiple sclerosis attack, which by the way my doctor at the time assured me was just a pinched nerve, lasted around three months. And my symptoms were extremely mild although they did pretty much affect every part of my body. And then, at the end of those three months, that was it I didn’t have any other attacks or symptoms for the next six plus years.

     Fast forward twenty two years and I’m reading how in many cases, after that very first MS event, researchers now believe that the body essentially still retains its ability to repair that initial damage that is done to the myelin. And at least in my case this certainly seems to fit my own disease’s early progression. However, as time goes on your body slowly starts to lose its ability to continue these repairs and the damage becomes much more serious to the central nervous system. Which also seems to fit me, unfortunately, pretty well.

     If that is all true, and only more research will answer that, it seems to me that science should eventually be able to turn the bodies own ability to make these repairs back on. And that is all very encouraging but it was something that I read a few minutes later in my own research that really caught my attention.

     Many researchers are stating that it appears that most of the damage caused by multiple sclerosis takes place up until the age of sixty. And after this, MRI’s are showing little further deterioration in the brain and spinal tissue. And their also starting to question whether or not it’s even prudent to continue use of any of the current disease modifying drugs as they may no longer be having any effect on MS progression.

     Well, I’m not sure about anyone else, but I sure am tired of giving myself daily or every other day injections. I plan to watch the studies very closely over the next couple of years, which will make me sixty, to see if this continues to look like a reality. And if it does, I plan to have a very long discussion with my neurologist.

     I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that it may be time for me, and perhaps others, to start to consider weaning themselves off of these very expensive treatments which in turn would start to squeeze these drug companies’ profits to the point where they may start to actually look for a cure instead, or, probably not!

by Bill Walker

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