MS Donald Trump and His Medicaid Budget Cuts

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No matter how you voted or what your personal political beliefs are of Donald Trump and his administration, the 2017-2018 budget that was just released, is nothing short of draconian with respect to anyone who has a disability.

This budget calls for cuts of up to 1.4 Trillion, yes Trillion, dollars to medicaid over the next ten years. This will mean every single person with a disability that relies on medicaid for health care, including children, will be impacted.

Donald Trump has also asked for cuts of hundreds of millions of dollars from the social security fund that provides disability checks for both Veterans and people living with disabilities. And, on top of that, his administration is also seeking large cuts to the Snap program that helps people with disabilities buy food through the use of food stamps to help supplement their disability checks.  

People with disabilities need to stand as one and say, “NO!” to these outrages cuts.

Bill Walker

8 thoughts on “MS Donald Trump and His Medicaid Budget Cuts

  1. Shelby Bagby

    My opinion was we had to vote for one of two bad choices but this budget is terrifying!! I live off my as disability only and will draw a small pension at retirement age. I also get a tiny bit of foo d stamps. Not sure how trump expects us to survive.

  2. C Elliott

    I feel expendable, nonexistent, unnecessary. A disability wasn’t what I chose. So, not only do I feel medically cheated, I feel as if I’m only good enough for them to wipe their feet on me. Those who chose to follow with taking away medical, food and income from those like me, should have to live with what we will be expected to live with/on what I get with NO help from outside sources for NO less than 45 days. Maybe their family members should have to live this way as well. If they’re ok with their choice after, then they can go back in until they put things back right.

  3. Paul Maresca

    Being disabled with a chronic irreversible debilitating illness of multiple sclerosis, however not to be selfish and understand people with their similar type of illnesses, i understand the importance of having and fighting for full medicaid benefits, not partial, but full Medicaid!
    It is appalling that the system judges a disabled person on their income and not they’re chronic condition.
    (example) My social security disability is just under $100 over the minimum, which at only $1,073 a month my chronic debilitating illness of multiple sclerosis cost of normal quality of life living that we all should have even with those without illnesses , exceeds my income , even though I have federal assistance, section 8, catastrophic medication coverage, and only $15 a month food stamp vouchers ,
    And the good volunteer programs, like the MS Society, and other volunteer, and by the way just to note much of these organizations are now very underfunded so financially are not able to help as much as some moronic idiots out there think. And ,NO, Churches cannot always help out , including financially !

    What is very shocking to find out recently is how the system will help criminals, pedophiles, and other scumbags with “full” medicaid benefits because they make below $990 a month.

    Some don’t even work at all, BUT yet they are perfectly capable of holding a job and do not suffer any from debilitating illnesses.

    I had made a recent phone call to Medicaid, Well after bypassing the broken english language of probably someone from the Philippines to finally get transferred to another generic answer, they themselves could not believe their own system and how someone whoms a criminal -pedophile- scumbag would be entitled to full Medicaid benefits , only to be judged on their income.

    So the excuse of how the system cannot afford to allow disabled children, any peoples who are definitely have an actual legitimate chronic illness

    is nothing but a bunch of Lies!

    I have recently attempted to put in an appeal for my partial Medicaid that should be full Medicaid, and I’m going to the media with this situation , I can’t promise that I will win and I don’t expect to , but I feel it is important for people like myself with chronic actual illnesses that are not irreversible should get the help we all deserve including children of course to let everyone realize how the failing system is.

  4. Autumn Cote

    Would it be OK if I cross-posted this article to I’ll be sure to give you complete credit as the author. There is no fee; I’m simply trying to add more content diversity for our community and I enjoyed re4ading your work. If “OK” please let me know via email.


  5. alyssabowman

    It really is sad what is going on with healthcare. The costs of healthcare is sky rocketing and the quality of the doctors isn’t getting any better. Where I live there are not many MS specialists and the 2 that I loved have retired. My new doctor said that MS and headaches are not related. I am just appalled by this. But I guess even as things with healthcare get bad we all have to continue to stay strong as possible.


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