MS and Spring Allergies

    Tree just blooming in Spring I have a friend who has Rheumatoid Arthritis and one day she asked her Doctor what he thought RA was other than just another autoimmune disease? His answer intrigued her and I thought I would share it here. He said that he believed it was an inside out allergy meaning obviously that the allergic reaction was happening on the inside of the body instead of on the outside where many allergic reactions and symptoms are first noticed taking place. That was many years ago and I obviously have not forgotten it. But the reason I haven’t forgotten it is because every spring I get a reminder of that long ago conversation.

     Even before I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and almost every spring since, with this one being no exception, just as the trees start their yearly pollen assault upon the unsuspecting sinuses of many humans, is when I get my worst flare up of MS related symptoms. That’s not to say that I’ve never had a flare up at other times of the year but it almost always seems that my springtime MS attacks coincide with the increase in tree pollen in the air.

     I do realize that multiple sclerosis is a very complicated disease and may have absolutely nothing to do with pollen but it just seems strange, that in my case at least, my worst attacks always seem to happen in early spring. With all of that in mind I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed any patterns with their own disease progression or response over the years since they were diagnosed?


Bill Walker

6 thoughts on “MS and Spring Allergies

  1. creative•MS•mom

    I too have noticed an increase in symptoms during the spring. I gave always had seasonal allergies and used to attribute it to a coincidence. I must mention that I tend to more MS based issues during all of the season changes. It seams when the temps and air pressure changes my body lets me know.

    I was pleased to hear what the doctor said to your friend. Of my 3 children one has eczema and one has asthma, I used to explain it to them as one has allergies on the outside and one has allergies on the inside.

  2. Evelyn Serrell

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    1. msandbeyond Post author

      I might try this at some point, but I already get hundreds of hits on my blog page with each piece I publish. They unfortunately don’t show up because most of my traffic comes directly from my facebook pages! Thanks for reading and responding Evelyn!

  3. Kathi

    Ive been dxd with MS originally about 15 years ago. Ive had seasonal allergies past 5 years. I definately have noticed more ms symptoms this year in addition both pollen and mold counts in my area are up


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