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MS and Beyond Wants Your Rants and Raves


The Sun through a black screen!

The Sun captured through a black screen!

 Do you have a rant or a rave that you would like to share with everyone? And it can be about anything not just Multiple Sclerosis. If so you can either use the comments section on facebook to express how you feel, or you can email it to the email address below and I’ll save them up for a rant and rave post in the future.

     Perhaps you have a rant or rave that you just have to get out but would rather do it and remain anonymous? That’s fine as well just make sure that you let me know that your message is anonymous and I’ll make sure that I delete your email right after a save the content of your message that you want me to share. When I get enough comments I will post them in a future post.

     Easy enough now hit me with your best shot!




  1. I’ll start with a rant. My last post about Protandim brought with it a number of comments, some positive many negative. The positive ones swear by it, the negative ones say they tried it and it did nothing, or that, it is just another scam supplement to make money off of Multiple Sclerosis. Hard to know, HUH!