MS Obamacare: My Story


Foothills Of Washington State


     For many people The Affordable Care Act, otherwise known As Obamacare, has been nothing more then big government attempting to take control of their lives, for myself on the other hand, it’s been nothing less then a Godsend.

     After losing my job in 2010 to the recession, I discovered that the job market was not going to be kind for someone with my limitations due to a Multiple Sclerosis disability. As the weeks, months, and eventually years wore on the task of finding new employment drained me to the point of depression and despair. Of course, along with losing my job, I also lost my healthcare plan which only added to my frustration and deepening depression.

     As my blood pressure began to spike, my prescription to control it ran out, I was left with only one other option for my future care and my sanity. With my stress levels careening out of control I had no other option but to apply for Social Security Disability. However, much to my surprise, even after being found legally disabled I also found out that does not automatically mean that you have health care coverage.

     I was amazed to find that I had somehow fallen into a black hole where I made to much money from disability to qualify for Medicaid coverage but not enough to be able to afford any other health care coverage.

     All of that changed in January of 2014 when The Affordable Care Act was fully implemented. The new rules did make me eligible for Medicaid. I was finally able to afford to see a Doctor and get my blood pressure medication restarted along with having an operation for a Hernia that had been painfully getting worse for months on end.

    Obamacare worked for me, please give it a chance!

12 thoughts on “MS Obamacare: My Story

  1. darren kerr

    I’m glad someone is finding obamacare worthwhile. I have had nothing but nightmares due to it. Insurance doesn’t want to cover any medications, and it takes 2 or 3 months to finally get my meds. I was better off without .

    1. msandbeyond Post author

      I am sorry to hear that, and agree that it isn’t perfect! The only way to get insurance companies out of our health care is to have a single payer program like almost every other industrialized country in the world!

      1. janetalbott

        A single payer system may work in Europe and Canada (to a point, but look at why they come here for treatment), but our government is so corrupt at this point that it would not work here. Insurance companies allow bureaucrats to decide my fate, and the government is exactly that–a bunch of bureaucrats who approve fraud related claims and deny people and doctors life saving or enhancing treatment! I don’t want the same people who created the debacle of a broken website for billions of dollars to tell me what is best for me!

      2. msandbeyond Post author

        I agree to some extent to what you have said, but disagree about the single payer program. Yes, it is rationed on a need basis but it’s the most efficient and cheapest program that any health care system world wide has to offer. It would work here, and be far more fair to the general population then what is currently available. But I do appreciate your opinion and thank you for taking the time to voice it!

  2. Vladimir

    New treatment for MS developed by Russian doctors Interview of patient’s caregiver please be patient, low quality recording – it was a spontaneous interview over Skype…/ms-patient-testimonials-yusuf-iris

  3. janetalbott

    I also have MS, and have NOT had any help with the ACA. If you got on SS disability, after one year you automatically get Medicare. I’m not sure why you applied for medicaid, except that you couldn’t wait for medications. If you are married, your spouses coverage should automatically cover you when you become unemployed. If not, most states had programs to cover your medications while you wait for medicare to kick in. Also, you should have had the ability to continue your work health coverage under cobra (which is way too expensive–been there done that). I’m glad you are now benefiting, but many more are not and are well informed and have still been hurt by this administrations controlling agenda.

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