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     I wonder how many people are aware that Subway Sub Shops were created by a group of health conscious Doctors who were disgusted with the fast food choices that Americans had to choose from without a real single healthy choice among the entire bunch. Subway set out to prove that you could get a wholesome low fat, low sugar, and low cholesterol meal for a reasonable price in the same amount of time that most fast food restaurants take to prepare a meal. I applaud Subways conscious effort to help and create a healthier lifestyle for all of the people who visit their unique restaurants and 100_0409offer their own customer support to a healthier world.

     And now I would like to ask Subway to do me a favor, I really want this incredible company to take a stand against Multiple Sclerosis and all of the autoimmune disorders like Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn’s Disease, as well as all of the other devastating diseases that fall into this category.

     And I have created a unique way of asking Subway for their help and support in the 100_0412battle against these terrible disorders that many of us fight on a daily basis. And it starts by asking you to support them by ordering one of their new Flatizza’s the next time you visit one their restaurants. But instead of having them use Marinara sauce for the base ask them to substitute it with Ranch Dressing instead of Marinara and I sincerely doubt that you will be disappointed with this switch, in fact, I like them even better with Ranch Dressing.

     If we can get enough people to order Flatizzas in this manner I’m hopping that Subway will commit to helping to end these incredibly debilitating diseases in our lifetime. And I am also sending a copy of this letter to Subway Corporate so they are aware of our fight and why we would like their support.

    100_0414 Please help me in this endeavor and order a Flatizza today with Ranch Dressing and enjoy something different that I hope will symbolize a new beginning and the end to these awful diseases!

Bill Walker