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The Spiritual Side of Multiple Sclerosis

100_0512     When I think about myself as an individual in this lifetime experience, I always have to separate my reality, into two unique pieces which quite simply is a body and a soul. And strangely enough this is of great comfort to me when I start to think about my Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. I understand that MS is a physical (body) ailment that has little to do with the soul part of my incarnation beyond being a lesson on learning compassion and love. I’m sure that sounds like something that should be significant to my spiritual growth overall, which it is, but I take great comfort in knowing that on the day I cease to exist in the physical plane is also the day that MS ceases to be a part of my continued existence, simply stated if I learn my lessons well enough, I can move beyond Multiple Sclerosis and never have deal with it again as far as I’m concerned.

     Have you ever heard someone with MS or Parkinson’s or Cancer or any devastating disease say that it was the best thing that ever happened to them before? I can assure you that you didn’t hear it from me but I have come to understand what it is they are referring to when they make such a statement. After you can move yourself beyond the, why me phase, you start to see the world in a completely different manner. It’s like coming out of a deep all encompassing fog where you can see the world with eyes that no longer tune out a deeper compassion for the human experience, in short, you learn to love on a much more profound level then you ever thought you could. It makes almost everything that most people worry about in life seem incredibly insignificant from that point on. And if it took my getting Multiple Sclerosis to learn that, then I have to consider the possibility, that though I’m not really happy that’s what it took, perhaps it was worth the experience to achieve that overwhelming spiritual growth that is occurring within me.

     And then it all starts to hit you just how petty most of what our race seems to think is important in this world. It’s not about amassing great wealth, or having the biggest house, or the power to influence other peoples lives just because you can. It’s ultimately about compassion, truth, and the willingness to help everyone else around you to find peace in their own existence.

     And most of all, it’s about finding your own personal faith in who and what you are, and sharing that with everyone else!


I’m dedicating this blog entry to a person that I didn’t know all that well, but I wish I had. When I met her she was in the advance stages of Progressive MS and little did I know at the time that this would be almost prophetic since it was twenty years before my own MS diagnosis. She was one of the kindest and gentlest spirits that I have ever met never once complaining about the hardships of her own life which were extensive by any normal standards that most of us experience. However, she left behind her spiritual compassion that will be shared and passed on by each of her four sons, John, Steve, Bill, and Dave. She brought the light of God into this world and it is only right that this light be shared by all!


Camille Marie Kelly

Born:     11/27/1932

Passed: 1/10/1995

MS Me and facebook



     Recently I was cruising around the internet super highway, otherwise known as the World Wide Web, when I suddenly stumbled into the facebook police upon entering my home page. I soon realized that facebook had issued a cease and desist order for using the friend request button on too many occasions where I didn’t personally know these individuals outside of facebook.

     Alright let me be honest here, and admit, that I really didn’t know the people I was friending on a personal level. But this kind of leaves me wondering just what social media is if you can’t go out and meet and socially interact with other people in this manner? I have used facebook and other similar sites to make friends with people from all walks of life from all around the world which is what I thought this was all about in the first place, am I wrong in this assumption?

     In my opinion, I feel that I had a very good reason to make the requests that I was making to the people that I was making them too, we all belong to the same exclusive club in that, we all suffer from the debilitating disease called Multiple Sclerosis. And anyone who shares the MS experience with me, I consider a friend, no matter if I have met them personally or not. When I say, “I feel your pain!” to anyone in this group they know I literally mean it! And that brings a little bit of peace and understanding to all of us who share this unfortunate autoimmune disorder.

     Many years ago I was told that if you don’t have a solution to the problem you’re complaining about then it’s just whining. And so, here is what I would like to suggest to facebook as my solution, please add a second option like a, consider request, where the person can accept you as a friend or just ignore your request and after, let’s say 48 hours, the request would just automatically drop off of their page. That way no ones feelings get hurt but still leaves the door open for people to make new and lasting friends with others from around the world.

     Finally, just so everyone knows, you can friend me no matter who you are and I will accept your request, and if someday we end up having a difference of opinion, that’s ok because we would never have had the chance to find a solution if we were never allowed to meet in the first place. And to me, that is what social media is all about. Friend me all you want, and if you choose to unfriend me in the future, that’s ok too!


Bill Walker