MS-It’s My Life-Not Yours!




       I had been planning my stand against MS for several months as I drove to my neurology appointment a few days ago. I had already determined that the days of injections, after seven plus years, were over. There was no way whatsoever that my doctor was going to convince me of the need to continue the painful practice of daily shots. And, almost on cue, my insurance carrier sealed the deal when they refused to allow me to go to three injections a week instead of the daily injection. But what happened next at my neurology appointment both stunned and elated me.

     I had no more then started my well rehearsed refusal to take any more shots when my doctor calmly stated, “that’s fine, no more injections.”

     And then we began the discussion of my most recent MRI scans and how they compared to the ones I had done five years ago. He told me that there were absolutely no new areas of demyelination anywhere in either the brain or spinal column. And he went on to say that not only had there been no new areas but it appeared that pretty much all of my previous lesions had shrunk and actually appeared to be filling in with what is most likely scar tissue. Which of course isn’t great, but it’s a heck of a lot better then new lesions.

   He went on to say that it would probably benefit me to take some kind of disease modifying drug but that taking a three month long break would probably not have any major effect on the course of my disease since I’m only a year or so away from being sixty. In his opinion my MS is more then likely beginning to burn out at my age and could, though probably not, go back into a state of remission where new myelination may occur.

     And even an outside chance of that happening is better then being able to eat all the chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream that I could have ever dreamed of having. That was a good day indeed!


Bill Walker


Journey alongside of VISUS to the ocean that holds all oceans in this Orca’s adventure of self-discovery.

4 thoughts on “MS-It’s My Life-Not Yours!

  1. katepoet

    I think you mean no new areas of demyelination 🙂 also it’s ok to take a break – new study showed that. While you are at it – switch to Protandim and see if you can avoid the shots forever!

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  3. Tracie Buchinger

    I have MS As well I have been diagnosed since 1999 and I have been doing okay I’ve been in the shots for a very long time and it causes muscle atrophy so I switched over to Gilenya a cap as well I have been diagnosed since 1999 and I have been doing okay I’ve been in the shots for a very long time and it causes muscle atrophy so I switched over to Gilenya which is a capsule, so no more shots yeah. I read somewhere that you were taking MITOQ I have just started that for the last two months and just went to my neurologist and am waiting to find out my latest MRI findings I was wondering where it was that you wrote about MITOQ I’d like to read your experience and what your thoughts are on it. I will as well wright to your email address to ask for any information you’d be able to supply to me on this product your thoughts and your preferences to taking that with or with out my Gilenya, I as well have heard from my neurologist as a 60 years old things stop progressing, and I am five years out as well….thank you so much in advance Tracie Buchinger


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