The More Humorous Side of Multiple Sclerosis


Election 2014, Run Forest Run!

     Though I am not happy about having MS I do have to admit from time to time I have to laugh about something’s that are a direct result of my disease.


     You know, it might be MS if, the next time your at the Doctor’s office scanning through all of the entertainment and fashion magazines and find yourself asking, “Who are these people?” And it might be MS if you find that you can read a newspaper or your favorite magazine twice as fast as anyone else in your family because your fingers just can’t seem to separate the individual pages.

     And it also might be MS if, you can shoot a pen eight feet out and away from between your fingers, like a dart, every time you go and try to pick one up sending family and friends diving for cover. And it may also be MS if, the next time you look at your check registry and find that you dated all of your check payments for the year 2017. And finally, you know that it might be MS if, you discover that you have changed the spelling of many common words in the English language the next time you sit down to write a letter! Thank God for spell check, even if I do hate those squiggly red lines!


     Trying to keep a lighter attitude towards Multiple Sclerosis I think is a healthy approach. If anyone wants to have my blog linked to their email so they can ignore the thousand places that I post these on facebook, all you have to do is just look to the right of this page where it tells you how to sign up to receive this blog as a link that you can open directly from your email, or you can just click on one of the thousand links in facebook, your choice!


     Next blog, I hope, will be about my experience of being in a, Clinical Trial, if you’re interested!


Bill Walker

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