Something Different


Decaffeinated Celestial Tea

   100_0384 I am always amazed when I put a clear plastic or glass container of water with tea bags in it out to brew in direct sunlight at just how many people ask me what I’m doing? And to those people who have never had sun brewed tea all I have to do is just let them try it and they almost always admit that it’s the best iced tea that they’ve ever had. If you’ve never done this the process is very simple: Put six or eight tea bags, depends on how strong you like your tea, in a one to two gallon clear plastic or glass container and put in direct sunlight for at least four hours. That’s it, refrigerate and serve over ice. Be careful of glass it’s heavy and obviously will shatter if you drop it.

     My personal favorite kind of tea for sun tea is decaffeinated Celestial Teas because 100_0385they have a naturally sweet fruity flavor that doesn’t need any added sugar. However any kind of tea bag will work just fine. And if this turns out to be a really hot summer, which is what the weather people are predicting, then there is nothing better to cool off with then ice cold sun brewed tea!

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