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     Apparently in the scientific field there is some question as to whether Vitamin D3 is really a vitamin or a hormone.  This vitamin seems to have some unique properties that fit into either or both groups but for my purposes here I’ll just refer to it as a vitamin.

     If you’ve been watching research about multiple sclerosis lately you may have noticed that a lack of Vitamin D3, is suspected of playing a major role in the development of this disease.  The theory is that many of us with MS may not, especially as children, had the ability to produce enough of this essential vitamin in our skin to keep this disease from developing as we got older in life. They came up with this theory based on the fact that people who live closer to the equator, with its more intense sun light, have a much rarer occurrence of MS then do people who live farther away from it. In fact those people who live very close to our planets equator have almost a zero rate of MS compared to the rest of us.

     With all of that in mind I decided that it would be in my best interest to start taking Vitamin D3.  In fact many neurologists are starting to tell their MS patients that it is probably a good idea to supplement their daily vitamins with an additional 5000 units of D3. In my case, and with my doctors blessing, I started taking 10,000 units a day. My doctor ran blood levels every six months for almost two years while I was on this high dose regimen and each time the results came back with in the normal range. After two years she no longer ordered them figuring that it was not going to be a factor.

     And yes, after many years of being on high dose Vitamin D3 I do think I have had a positive response to this as a therapy against my disease progression. I still have an attack every couple of years that lasts a few months but they don’t seem to be nearly as intense as they were before I started my high dose intake. And what’s even more encouraging to me is that I used to have several smaller attacks that would last for a few days and then subside and now since taking this vitamin it has been several years since I have had any of these less intense events. And to be fair I also started Copaxone injections three years ago as well and that also could have made a significant difference in my disease progression but I am satisfied enough with this vitamin to continue its use.

     As always, if you decide to look into adding Vitamin D3 in your morning vitamins and supplements, always ask your doctor first and it would probably be a good idea to have your blood levels checked from time to time as I did just to make sure you’re not over doing it. And who knows, maybe soon they will find that Vitamin D3 mixed with something else will be the magic cure that we all pray and dream for!


Bill Walker   

9 thoughts on “MS and VITAMIN D3

    1. emma

      Hello i am currently taking D3 an I am on 20,000 units once a wk for 12 wks and i go back for a blood test in may. Am not 100% sure as of yet weather it is doing any good.

      1. msandbeyond Post author

        I would really appreciate it if you would send me an update about what you think and how you feel when you complete your twelve week course on D3. Thank you for this comment. If you would like to add a blog to this site telling about your experience of doing this I would love to publish it. Thanks again for the comment!

    1. Steve Wilde

      I have been on 20,000iu a day since 2009 my blood results show 136,000 nano ltrs per. 100 mls if I miss or reduce I feel next step is to fight the MS with miracle mineral solution because I truly believe it was caused by virus and vit d3 keeps it under control.

      1. msandbeyond Post author

        I agree that I think MS is viral in nature. And I take D3 10,000 units a day as well, and do think that it helps. Thank you for the comment!

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